Limerick City and County Council is working in partnership with Kerry County Council, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) and the Department of Transport to develop a scheme to relieve congestion on the N21 Limerick to Tralee Road through Abbeyfeale. This project is called the N21 Abbeyfeale Road Scheme. This is an important project to enhance regional connectivity and to improve road safety. 

Limerick City and County Council has appointed Jacobs Consulting Engineers to advance the project through the planning and design process. Subject to funding, the design process will be developed in stages, with opportunities for the public to participate in the decision-making at key stages.

What’s Happening Now

Since the publication of the Option Selection Report in April 2022 the project team has been progressing the project through Phase 3 Design and Environmental Evaluation. A significant program of Environmental Surveys and Engineering Investigations have been undertaken. This information has been used to progress the road design and environmental assessments. Based on the current working design we are now able to identify a reduced corridor for the N21 Abbeyfeale Road scheme. Drawings of the reduced corridor are available to download here. An interactive mapper is also available below. 

The current phase of TII’s planning and design process (i.e. Phase 3: Design and Environmental evaluation) commenced in early 2022. This involves further development of the scheme, including design of the road, identifying the landtake required, junction design and the preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment. Throughout the Phase 3 design process, the N21 Project Team is committed to continuously engaging with people living, working or who own land and property within the Study Area, however the design of the road and identification of the impacts on land and property will take some time to develop. In order to inform the design process, the N21 Project Team have undertaken a range of engineering and environmental site surveys which have informed the road design progression.  

When the design has reached a level of maturity where informed discussions can take place, the N21 Project Team will consult with directly impacted landowners in relation to the initial design and its impact on land and property. Thereafter, feedback will be considered, and amendments may be made, where feasible, before finalising the design and landtake requirements.  

If you have further queries about the design process, or wish to speak to someone about the project, the N21 Project Team is available and can be contacted on the Project E-mail address or by phone on 061 951000 during normal working hours. 

Interactive Map

An interactive map is available to view the Reduced Corridor.

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